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A Study on Podcasting in the Education "milieu"

Anno di inizio : 2007

Responsabile : Letizia Caronia

Enti : 3


Caron A.H., Caronia L., From Mobile Culture to Mobile Learning: Some Myths Underlying Discourses on Adoption. Paper presentato al Seminario Internazionale  New Media, Society and Politics in Europe and the United States. Torino, Italy 2009.

Caron A.H., Caronia L., Beyond Mobile Learning:  Identity Construction and the Development of Social skills in Students' discourse on the iPod. Paper presentato alla Conferenza Internazionale IADIS, Barcelona, Spain 2009.

Caronia, L., Caron, A.H. (2008). « iPods in the Classroom : The Cultural Dimension of Technological Innovation in Education » Conférence, The 58th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, l, Montreal, Canada, mai 2008.

Caron A.H., Caronia L. (2008). The cultural dimensions of the adoption of "iPods" in Higher Education". Paper presentato alla  Annual Conference of IADIS , Algarve, Portugal 2008.


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