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Luca Pietrantoni

Professore ordinario
Dipartimento di Psicologia "Renzo Canestrari"
Bologna, Italia

Progetti: 2

Settore Scientifico Disciplinare: M-PSI/05 Psicologia sociale

2018, Prati, Gabriele*; Marín Puchades, Víctor; De Angelis, Marco; Pietrantoni, Luca; Fraboni, Federico; Decarli, Nicolò; Guerra, Anna; Dardari, Davide, Evaluation of user behavior and acceptance of an on-bike system, «TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR», 2018, 58, pp. 145 - 155 [articolo]Open Access

2018, Prati, Gabriele; Marín Puchades, Víctor; De Angelis, Marco; Fraboni, Federico; Pietrantoni, Luca, Factors contributing to bicycle–motorised vehicle collisions: a systematic literature review, «TRANSPORT REVIEWS», 2018, 38, pp. 184 - 208 [articolo]Open Access

2018, Prati, Gabriele; Pietrantoni, Luca; Albanesi, Cinzia, Human values and beliefs and concern about climate change: a Bayesian longitudinal analysis, «QUALITY AND QUANTITY», 2018, 52, pp. 1613 - 1625 [articolo]Open Access

2018, Fraboni, F.*; Marín Puchades, V.; De Angelis, M.; Pietrantoni, L.; Prati, G., Red-light running behavior of cyclists in Italy: An observational study, «ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION», 2018, 120, pp. 219 - 232 [articolo]Open Access

2018, Víctor Marín Puchades, Filippo Fassina, Federico Fraboni, Marco De Angelis, Gabriele Prati, Dick de Waard, Luca Pietrantoni, The role of perceived competence and risk perception in cycling near misses, «SAFETY SCIENCE», 2018, 105, pp. 167 - 177 [articolo]

2018, Marín Puchades, Víctor; Pietrantoni, Luca; Fraboni, Federico; De Angelis, Marco; Prati, Gabriele, Unsafe cycling behaviours and near crashes among Italian cyclists, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INJURY CONTROL AND SAFETY PROMOTION», 2018, 25, pp. 70 - 77 [articolo]Open Access

2017, Prati, Gabriele; De Angelis, Marco; Marín Puchades, Víctor; Fraboni, Federico; Pietrantoni, Luca, Characteristics of cyclist crashes in Italy using latent class analysis and association rule mining, «PLOS ONE», 2017, 12, pp. 1 - 28 [articolo]Open Access

2017, Vanderlinden, Jean-Paul; Baztan, Juan; Touili, Nabil; Kane, Idrissa Oumar; Rulleau, Bénédicte; Simal, Pedro Diaz; Pietrantoni, Luca; Prati, Gabriele; Zagonari, Fabio, Coastal Flooding, Uncertainty and Climate Change: Science as a Solution to (mis) Perceptions? A Qualitative Enquiry in Three Coastal European Settings, «JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH», 2017, 77, pp. 127 - 133 [articolo]

2017, Marín Puchades, Víctor; Prati, Gabriele; Rondinella, Gianni; Marco De, Angelis; Fassina, Filippo; Fraboni, Federico; Pietrantoni, Luca, Cyclists' anger as determinant of near misses involving different road users, «FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY», 2017, 8, pp. 1 - 9 [articolo]Open Access

2017, Prati, Gabriele; Marín Puchades, Víctor; Pietrantoni, Luca, Cyclists as a minority group?, «TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR», 2017, 47, pp. 34 - 41 [articolo]Open Access
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